A Retention Partner for DTC Brands.

We help ambitious eCommerce brands build meaningful relationships with customers while adding an extra 20-45% to their revenue without having to spend a fortune on paid ads.

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What We Do

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is NOT dead, and in reality, email is one of the most underutilized channels to acquire and retain loyal customers.

With iOS 14 and ad costs on the rise, brands wouldn’t be able to scale sustainably without the help of a reliable back-end email & SMS retention system driving the extra 20-45%+.

Email & SMS marketing comes down to really knowing your customers' journey inside out. By doing this, you'll know what to send in each step, and not just send out "buy, buy, buy" emails. We get it, it takes a lot of time to set up...

That's why we're here! We'll study your customers' journey and craft a custom-tailored email and SMS strategy just for your brand. No cookie-cutter templated flows.

Want to add an extra 20-45% to your monthly revenue? Let's have a chat!

Your Customer-Centric Retention Marketing Solution

Increase Revenue

Custom-tailored strategies that will add an extra 20-45% to your revenue without having to spend a fortune on paid advertising.

Build Relationships

Send high converting emails and SMS that will also build meaningful relationships with your customers during every step of their journey.

Increase Retention

Increase your repeat purchasers rate and customers' lifetime value through back-tested flows and campaigns.

Our Process

Adding an extra 20-45% to your revenue in 90 days or less

1. We'll take a deep dive into your account, identifying opportunities for growth.

2. We'll tailor a custom-fit 90-day strategy for you to reach your short-term and long-term goals.

3. Using our back-tested processes, we execute, test, and report based on data ensuring growth at all times.

4. Lastly, we'll optimize and scale your account, increasing your customers’ LTV every step in their journey.

5. As a by-product, you'll build more meaningful, profitable, and lasting relationships with your customers.

Want To Add An Extra 20-45%+ To Your Revenue Without Spending A Fortune On Paid Ads?

We're always open to connecting with new people to explore how we can assist. With that being said, we don’t choose to work with everyone as we strive for communication excellence and long-term partnerships.

What to expect on the Discovery Call? Value, value, and value. We're never looking to push a sale on this call. Together, we'll explore where you're at with your business and offer actionable steps you and your team can apply to grow sustainably with retention marketing.